the Giant Bag™
October 25, 2002

the Giant Bag™

Have you ever played that bridal shower game where someone has a list of random things, and then you have to dig through your purse and see if you have some of the stuff, and whoever has the most wins? My grandma rules at that game. She almost always has anything you'd need in her purse at any given time. I am unintentionally carrying on that tradition with the Giant Bag™.

Things that are always in the Giant Bag™:
keys (with ugly green swiss army knife), wallet, checkbook, cell phone, purple palm pilot, 4 or 5 pens, business cards, hand lotion, prescription sunglasses, lip balm, Advil, eyeglass repair kit, little cloth for cleaning eye glasses, dental floss, altoids (regular and sour tangerine), hair brush, hair clip, hair rubber bands, nail file, deposit envelopes for my bank, business cards, and a small notebook for notes and such.

Things that are almost always in the Giant Bag™:
at least one camera, a hat, a scarf and a cd case with about a dozen cd's.

The boy likes to give me a hard time for carrying around a somewhat larger than normal bag. But it seems that everytime I don't bring it, he needs floss or something else that I'd have if I'd brought the Giant Bag™. He doesn't seem to bother me much about it anymore.



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