how to cook *almost* everything
February 27, 2003

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Taken with a Kodak DX3500

You have failed me, Mark Bittman. When you write a book entitled How to Cook Everything, I expect it to tell me how to cook everything. Of course, if it really had everything in there, it would be an awfully large book. So I'm not surprised that there was nothing in there on how to cook a whole salmon.

See, I purchased one at the store this evening (they were on sale and i like salmon a lot) and seeing as how I've never cooked a whole salmon before, I did as I usually do and consulted your aforementioned book. And while there was information on cooking whole fish, there was nothing specifically for salmon. I think I probably would have done okay with the general fish cooking directions, but I decided to consult another resource, The Joy of Cooking. Seeing as it is a much larger book, with much smaller print, they did have a recipe for whole salmon (it was for a 7lb fish, mine was only 1.5lbs). I made a few adjustments, and about 20 minutes later, I had a beautifully cooked salmon. Yay!

Seeing as how this is the first time you've failed me. I think I can forgive you. Besides, your Orzo Risotto and orange soufflé more than make up for the lack of a whole salmon recipe.



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