oh, santa cruz, how i miss thee
March 09, 2003

Hyatt Sainte Claire
Canon Powershot G2

The other night at dinner, I overheard someone at another table saying how she didn't like Santa Cruz, but Capitola was cute. Seeing as how I worked and went to school in Santa Cruz for 4 years, I feel I'm qualified to say that once you've spent enough time there, you start to miss things, such as:

• The Buttery - the best ham and cheese croissants, ever.
• The Bagelry - I have been craving a 'Moxie' bagel all week (cream cheese, green onions and black olives)
• Cafe Pergolessi - simply for the fact that a cat jumped up on the bench and sat next to me for a while last time I was there
• Marianne's Ice cream - the first place I ever experienced cinnamon ice cream (and it was rather good)
• The great candy shop that I can't remember the name of, but it's in a windmill shaped building, and if you get some old fashioned molasses, they whack it with a little hammer for you.

These last 2 are technically in Soquel, but places I dearly miss:
• The Ugly Mug - my favorite coffee shop, ever.
• Carpos - the best fish and chips in the greater Santa Cruz area.

I'd just like to add that I don't dislike Capitola (there is a nifty shoe store in the village), but given the choice, I'd rather spend my time in my favorite places in Santa Cruz than fight my way through the tourists in Capitola.



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