call me a hypocrite
March 21, 2003

Lomo LCA

So there's this billboard on my way home, it's a cartoon of a woman putting on make-up while she's driving, and above the cartoon it says, "world's most dangerous make-up mirror". And I think it's a great billboard, because it bugs the bejesus out of me when women do that. And as I was sitting there in my car, I thought they should make one of those billboards with a person on a cell phone that says "world's most dangerous phone booth".

So last Sunday, I'm driving up to see the Mum and the step-dad and I see a similar billboard for "world's most dangerous restaurant" (it's a guy eating a hamburger while driving). Later, I see the phone booth one! They actually made one! So I think, wow that's so great that they did that! People should realize how dangerous they are when they drive!

And then I occurs to me, about half an hour earlier, not only did I scarf a bagel with lox while driving through downtown mountain view, I called my mom on my cell phone while I was driving up highway 101.

What typeface do you think would look best for the 'HYPOCRITE" tatoo I'm going to get on my forehead?



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