May 27, 2003

Canon Powershot G2

Most of the time, lunch is spent in the car, parked under a shady tree, with a good book and something to eat (which is a rather nice way to spen lunch, if you ask me). I had not yet found any negatives to my lunch routine until today. Two rarther stange looking bugs flew into the car and decided the back seat was a good place to stay. I did not agree. Eventually, I shooed them back outside with the help of an old magazine that had been living in the back seat (so glad I hadn't thrown it away), and was able to enjoy the rest of my lunch.

Considering this was only a minor intrusion, I think I will continue my 'parking lot picnic' lunches. It's still much better than sitting in the cafeteria listening to Musak while I eat, bugs or no bugs.



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