hope grows greener than grass stains
June 09, 2003

blue flowers
Canon Powershot G2

• sitting at the end of the hallway and sculpting our gum erasers into animals, instead of making a perspective drawing of the hallway.
• driving all the way to Burlingame because it was our last chance to see the MST3K movie in a theater (sadly, that particular theater is long gone).
• 'longer than we were supposed to' breaks during intermediate drawing, because outside in the quad was so much nicer than inside on the third floor of the art building.
• driving over to Santa Cruz after finals to deliver a cheesecake to my brother (it was his birthday, afterall). At a sudden stop the cheesecake slid off it's plate onto Cat's backpack (the cake actually survived, we slid it back onto its plate, and no one was the wiser)

Some memories from college- brought to you (oddly enough) by an impeding 10 year high school reunion and running into a friend from college at a coffee shop last week. All the above involve Cat and Matt. I believe Cat and his wife actually read this site (hi!), and I haven't talked to Matt in ages, but if he ever comes across this...Hi Matt!



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