Date w/Ikea
July 23, 2003

Canon Powershot G2

My first and only trip to Ikea ended in disappointment. I was looking for a desk. They were completely out of the legs for the desk ensemble I had my heart set on. I had intended on spending close to $200. I managed to leave with my wallet only $13 lighter.

Tomorrow, I have a date with Ikea. I'm in desparate need of something to hold my CD collection, and I found this. It will hold all my cds and leave a little room to spare. My greatest fear was that I'd get all the way up to Emeryville, and they wouldn't have it. So I called them. And the girl on the phone was ever so nice, and yes they are in stock, and let me give you the article number and the location in the store, thank you for shopping with Ikea!

I'm actually excited about going now! And once I get home and assemble my cd cabinet, the alphabetizing will begin...



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