a reminder why i love my lomo
September 09, 2003

Lomo LC-A - Octoberfest 2002

I took this photo with my lomo at the Oktoberfest party I attended last year. I'm putting it here now to remind myself that I like what the lomo is capable of, because I was a little angry with it a few weeks ago.

I had taken a whole roll of photos. Photos of the San Francisco skyline taken from the bay bridge, heading into the city, right as the fog was clearing. Photos of the strange cathedral car that we passed while driving through the city. Photos of the fog coming over the mountains as the sun set while I was driving home on 280 (one of my favorite things).

I was excited to get this roll of film developed. Really excited. So you might be able to imagine my disappointment when I found that the film wasn't advancing and only two halves of a picture were printable from the roll.

I'm going to attribute this to user error, although I'm slightly reluctant to do so, as I'm familiar with the manual loading of film. I've loaded roll after roll into my Pentax SLR, so I think I know what I'm doing. I've also loaded many a roll into the little lomo with no problems, so I'm honsetly not sure what happened. But I've got another roll in there, and I'm pretty darn sure I loaded it right, so we'll see what happens.

Now I've just got to drive down 280 again and see if I can capture that fog rolling over the hills.



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