adventures in laundry
March 15, 2004

Canon Powershot G2 - Downtown San Jose

Most of the time, I go unnoticed. I can sit at the pub (or most other places for that matter), sip my pint, and read my book in peace. I found out this weekend that this is not the case at the laundromat.

I was sitting, by myself, waiting for my clothes to finish washing, and he started talking to me. It seemed innocent enough at first, but he kept on talking, and while I was folding my clothes he asked me out. I said no. I left the laundromat feeling a little flustered, I have no experience dealing with this sort of thing.

As is always the case, I thought of a couple quips after I had left. For example:

(After I've turned him down for a date, I notice that he and a friend have been throwing a pen back and forth)
What I said: "What's the deal with the pen?"
What he said: "Oh, it's my lucky pen."
What I said: (nothing, I continued to fold clothes)

What I should have said: "It hasn't been so lucky for you tonight, has it?"



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