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April 25, 2004

Miss Careful Works Here

As a graphic designer, I'm intimately familiar with Pantone colors. So naturally, when I discovered (via pop culture junk mail) that they've started this Birthday color thing, I had to check it out.

The color for May is green, which is all well and good, as I kind of have a thing for green. But to find that the color for the 20th of May happens to be a shade of green I absolutely love is kind of eerie. Eerie in a sense that the color 'smoke green' is frighteningly close to the color of the upholstery on the Ugly Green Chair (in case you didn't know, there really is a chair, and I'm sitting in it as I type this), and the jadeite dishes I adore so much.

I mean, yeah, I did say I was really familiar with Pantone colors, but this is just too weird. But good weird...I think.



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