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March 08, 2005

On the Edge

I've never really been camping. I've been to camp, sure, but we always stayed in cabins. This time was the real deal. The tent, the sleeping bags, and cooking dinner over the fire.

Pfeiffer Big Sur was the final camping destination, but we stopped at a Safeway in Carmel to pick up a few things. We encountered a rather tall and friendly produce guy, who was somehow able to tell we were out of towners. He then proceeded to let us try a pink lady apple (and mentioned that he realized pink probably wasn't my favorite color), and a grapple (pronounced 'grape-L'). We settled on a package of grapples and headed on our way.

We forgot things, mainly firewood and lanterns. The firewood problem was easily rectified at the small grocery store at the lodge. The lanterns, we survived without them. We managed to find a couple of candles in the trunk, which sort of helped after it got dark, but not that much. And speaking of the trunk. It broke. Well, the lock that opened it broke, and we couldn't get in it. Thank goodness for seats that fold down, otherwise the cooler (with a good portion of our food) would have been stuck in there. The good thing about dragging things out of the trunk was the box of file folders. They turned out to make excellent kindling for the slightly damp firewood which was a bit stubborn about remaining on fire.

But we hiked. We saw waterfalls, banana slugs, redwood trees, and beaches with pink sand. I slept in my sleeping bag in a tent and had dreams about coyotes nibbling my toes. And despite falling down and injuring my camera, I had a really good time. I will definitely go camping again.



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