"Sick, tired, and sleepless..."
March 24, 2005


"Hey! Nice Bag!"
K! and I are leaving the pub, and someone has come outside and yelled this in our general direction. We turn around, and it's the woman who was sitting near us, and she's holding up a satchel that looks a lot like mine. Did I forget my bag at the pub? It takes me a minute, and I realize she's holding up her own satchel, because it's almost exactly like mine, except she bought the red one, so the design is slightly different. Turns out she bought hers locally at Otsu (I ordered mine online), and she knows the folks who run the store. People, the world is a small place, because the folks at Otsu are also acquaintances of mine.

I swear, the more people I meet, the smaller the world gets. It also could be that I've been living in the same area almost my entire life, but I think that's only part of it.

To prove my point, I'll have to tell you the story about how I met Krisalis. But that's for another day.



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