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April 29, 2005

Looking up

My Favorite Cousin is getting married. When she started sending me links to bridesmaid dresses, I thought that was her coy way of asking me to participate in the festivities. I had forgotten that over a year ago, while standing in line at a Boston Market, I had wholeheartedly agreed to bridesmaid duties, should the situation arise.

So for the second time, I agreed to be a bridesmaid, but on two conditions. #1. No puffy sleeves. #2. No gigantic butt bows. About a week ago, the bridesmaids all agreed on a dress (which adhered to the 2 conditions above). We had various tape measures wrapped around us, so we ordered the correct sizes. We left the store, relieved and triumphant. We all liked the dress, the price was right, and it complemented the bride's dress ever so nicely. We were ready to shift the mindset to shoes.

This sounds like it was all too easy, doesn't it? On Monday, we found out that the dress we chose has been discontinued. After searching online, it appears there is something similar, but MFC is convinced, from the photo we found, that it might make us all look pregnant. So we'll go back to the store, try it on, and see what we think. Hopefully the price will be right, and it won't make us look like the 'bun-in-the-oven' triplets, but we'll see.

Here's to "second time's a charm."



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