"Always rushing, always late..."
May 09, 2005


I've made a decision. I need a hula girl for my dashboard. There's no convincing me otherwise.

On Friday, I almost broke my toe. I smashed my pinky toe against the bathtub, it ended up swollen and bruised. Talked to the advice nurse, went to kaiser, saw a nurse, had an x-ray (my first, ever! besides my teeth), and finally saw the doctor who pronounced my toe sprained. I can still walk on it, and it should be fine in a week. We can add this to the list of self-inflicted injuries.

I am very tempted to buy some ugly orange shoes. I tried a pair of these on yesterday, and oh my, are they comfy. My feeling is thus, if you're going to buy ugly shoes, they might as well be really ugly. But they may be so ugly, I might not wear them out of the house.



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