"Or worse you'll see right through me..."
June 23, 2005


I don't like to do the "woe is me thing", but this week has been, well, kind of icky.

Tuesday, I was almost hit by a semi on my way to work (Mum, if you read this, it was not on Highway 17, it was a block away from work). My light was completely green, and this guy just kept plowing through the intersection, on a red light. If I hadn't looked to my left and slammed on the brakes, I wouldn't be typing this right now.

And today, I found fraudulent charges on my debit card. Five dollars to a charity (to see if the card number actually worked), and then $163 charged to amazon. The bank put a hold on my card, and are issuing me a new one. I've got to write checks for everything now, or actually go in to the bank (the horror!) to withdraw money. In the grand scheme of things, it probably could have been worse. I just hope I caught it in time.

At least tomorrow is Friday, and that is almost always a good thing. Here's hoping for a couple more good things to even everything out.



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