Austin: a list
December 19, 2005

Cactus Plant Thing

I almost locked my keys in the trunk of the rental car, and I got lost on my way to the airport, which were probably not good omens. But I made it home in one piece, despite a rather long and bumpy flight. At one point I was so tired and so nauseous, I started trying to send telepathic messages to the pilot, "Please, just LAND THE FREAKING PLANE". He did, eventually.

I don't have much to tell you, and I didn't take that many photos. So I give you a list:

Things consumed while visiting Austin, Texas:
authentic gorditas
pumpkin pancakes
really good queso (pronounced 'kway-so')
tater tots
diet cherry lime-ade
some fantastic french toast
and pigs in a blanket (house-warming party)

Because a party isn't a party without pigs in a blanket, y'all.



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