February 17, 2006

The pipes were frozen yesterday morning, because it really has been that cold. There was still water, but barely any pressure. Just enough for teeth brushing and wetting, not washing, my hair under the sink. When I arrived at work, there was an e-mail from one of my closest friends with bad news. While it didn't directly affect me, it still made me sad. At this point, I sent an e-mail to Cyrus saying I hope the day didn't get any weirder. And besides the 'check engine' light illuminating the dashboard on my car, it didn't.

Oddly enough, the morning's events motivated me to do some things I've been putting off for some inane reason. Making a doctor's appointment and an eye exam appointment were SO EASY, and took less than 10 minutes. Why does the easy stuff seem like the hardest sometimes? I actually had the eye exam that same day, and I'm finally getting new glasses. A good thing to balance out some of the weird.

When I finally arrived home, there was a box waiting for me from Zappos. My last order from them had taken a bit longer than normal, so I wasn't expecting this one so soon. Inside was the perfect pair of Converse Chuck Taylor Low-Tops. They're grey, with a real insole, and they're the new loose fit. They accommodate my wide feet perfectly. The most comfortable pair of Converse I've put on my feet in a long time.

I once claimed that Chuck Taylor saved my soul. I wouldn't go that far this time, but his fine sneakers were a welcomed surprise and helped balance out the day a little. A silver (or in this case grey) lining, you might say.



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