May 04, 2006

Since its inception, this site has always had a mini-blog. It's on its own separate page, you see. And it's not totally obvious. In that menu on the left over there, if you click on the word "Quick", you'll find yourself on a page with what appears to be a list. Well, a couple of days ago, it would have still been a list.

I used that little section to list my consuption of various things: music, books, television, food, etc. I realized a couple of days ago that the list I was keeping over there was becoming pretty stagnant. I'm too lazy to change the cds in the car, I've been extraodinarily slow reading a book, I haven't really been cooking anything, and it seems I have almost no time to watch anything television or movie-wise*.

The thing is, this main page here, the one with the photo? I usually write longer stuff here. But there are times when I have only a little to tell you. And there wasn't really a place for that. Since the list in the "Quick" section wasn't really changing, I thought it was time I changed the section itself. A re-purposing, if you will.

So now, the longer stuff with the photo may stay up here longer, but there should be stuff to read on the Quick page. But I must warn you...what I write there may not be interesting. And it may not be funny. But it will be there.

*This is what happens when you spend 15 hours a week in your car going to and from work. Have I mentioned that we're moving?



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