June 16, 2006

I simply cannot comprehend why someone would buy a stereo set up with a subwoofer. ESPECIALLY if you live in an apartment. An apartment that shares not one, not two, but THREE walls. All those shared walls mean that people live on the other side of them. People with ears. Ears that have magical listening powers! So when you play music and utilize that subwoofer, EVERYONE can hear it. Does this not occur to someone while they're making a stereo speaker purchase? Are people really THAT inconsiderate?

I was thinking all of these things after I got home around 5pm the other day and was greeted with the sound of my upstairs neighbor's stereo. If it were just music, I could deal. I could turn on my own tunes and drown it out. But this isn't just music. It's bass. Repetitive, droning, booming bass. It's loudest in the living room and kitchen, because his stereo is above that area of our apartment. I retreated to the bedroom where I could still hear it, but slightly less. I flopped down on the bed, with all my inconsiderate neighbor thoughts racing through my head, and then totally lost it.

About 10 minutes later, the boyfriend came home, and upon hearing the bass thought, "It's a good thing Whitney's not home to hear this." He had no idea that he'd find me in the fetal position on the bed in a puddle of my own tears.

So he took me out to dinner. By the time we got back, the bass had stopped.


But I don't want to have to leave my apartment every time this guy needs to pump out the jams. So we've decided we're going to give him 3 chances. We've already had to ask him once, so two more times, and we take it up with the manager.

If that doesn't help, I'm going upstairs to introduce his subwoofer to a Louisville Slugger.



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