June 26, 2006

I usually have no problem apologizing, but it pains me to apologize to you, internet. Sometimes I'm really good about relating the mundane and annoying things that happen in my life. And then sometimes, I totally suck. You could argue that it's my site, and I can update whenever I want, but I feel bad when too much time goes by, so I apologize.

The things is, I want to avoid just listing out everything. While it is content, it's not that interesting. I've been racking my brain to come up with any little anecdotal thing that happened in the past week, and I've got NOTHING. I figured the weekend would provide a silly conversation or tale, but after 2 bike rides, a hike at castle rock (much to the chagrin of my creaky knees), a bit of swimming, and shopping for a toaster oven my brain only offers the sound of chirping crickets.

Never fear. In a few moments, I am headed out to shop for bras and a dress to wear at a wedding. Surely, this adventure should provide SOMETHING.



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