Can Do Eggplant
November 21, 2006

I've been cooking a lot more lately. I seem to have a little extra time on my hands, so why not. Yesterday I decided to catalog all my issues of Cook's Illustrated. I've had a subscription since February 1996, and it's become cumbersome to find a recipe without going through almost every issue.

So I typed up a list in excel. Issue number, date, and the corresponding articles contained within each issue. While I was doing this, I came across the recipe for Baked Eggplant Parmesan. I had made it once before (most likely when the issue it was in came out), and thought I'd give it another go.

It may have taken 3 hours (due to a small oven and having to use small cookie sheets to bake the eggplant in batches), but it was worth it. It was better than I remembered.

While my confidence in my skills for my chosen profession are a bit low right now, it helps a little to know that my cooking skills are still alive and well. The three-hour eggplant parmesan garnered rave reviews from the boyfriend last night, and the leftovers got a thumbs up from his brother at lunch today.



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