Sock It To Me
November 28, 2006

There are times when I find myself wandering around Target without any sort of shopping list to assist in my purchasing decisions. This is way more dangerous than it sounds. These are the times when I exit the store and my checkbook screams for mercy. Shopping trips like this are how we ended up with an entire set of new bedding that we didn't really need (but looks oh so nice!). This is also how I ended up with 6 pairs of knee socks.

They were on sale, which triggers a little switch in my brain that starts flashing a neon "You must buy these!" sign. Of course, once they made it home, I stuffed them in a drawer and promptly forgot about them. I'm not big on socks in the first place, so I didn't really know what I was going to do with half a dozen pairs of socks that stretched up to my knees. Maybe I could wear them with boots...that I always wear with long no one will see the cute stripey patterns. BRILLIANT.

Yesterday, I decided to break in the aforementioned boots by wearing them around the house a bit. I might as well put on a pair of knee socks while wearing the boots. What the heck. A few hours later, I changed into some more comfortable shoes to go pick up some friends at the airport, but I left the long socks on.


It's been freaking cold here, and surprise, surprise! An extra layer of socks underneath my jeans helped cut down on the chill factor. I am now a huge fan of knee socks. I'm wearing another pair today. In fact, I may go back and buy MORE.



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