Confessions and Addictions
March 26, 2007

White and Blue

I need to confess something. I've wanted to for ages, but I just haven't known how. But now that I've started to rectify the situation, I feel a little bit better about telling the internet...

...I stopped reading blogs.

It doesn't sound like such a horrible thing, but I've been feeling bad about it. I feel like we're all in this together. If I'm going to write things for you to read, I feel like I should return the favor and read what y'all have written. Also, reading what everyone else is up to often inspires me to write something. Hence, not reading blogs = not writing on my own blog.

Last week, for the first time in months, I logged in to Google reader. Slowly, I'm starting to catch up. However, just as I was starting to gain some ground, I became sidetracked. While reading Regan's blog, I discovered Friday Style. I then proceeded to read ALL of the Friday Style archives. I HAD to.

I've been having major trouble figuring out what to wear to work. I had been going the uber casual route while unemployed (standard outfit: cargo pants, threadless t-shirt over a long sleeve t-shirt, and sneakers). Since I started working again, putting together a business casual outfit every morning has proven more difficult than it used to be (although I'm sure the folks at the office would love my "Chickens Crossing Abbey Road" t-shirt). I didn't know it until I found it, but Friday Style was exactly what I needed.

So not only am I no longer scared to open my closet to find something to wear in the morning, I also spent the weekend purging. I went through the closet and every dresser drawer to rid myself of things that didn't fit or hadn't been worn in months. I ended up with 3 shopping bags full of stuff for the Goodwill. I now have extra hangers and all the dresser drawers will close!

So thank you, Friday Style, for offering sane and sensible fashion advice. My wardrobe and I are now much better off. And even if I never catch up on three months of blog reading, at last I'll be well-dressed while trying.



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