It's All About the Laces
July 11, 2007

Paper Thin

The saga of walkable shoes continues:
On Monday, I gave my Dansko strappy sandals a try. I walked to the train station, around work, and back home again and my feet and toes were not in agony! Huzzah! So I wore them again on Tuesday. By the time I got to work a small water blister had formed on my left pinky toe. Gah! So today I decided to give up on sandals completely and wear a pair of dansko shoes, with actual laces. This was the best decision I made ALL WEEK. I haven't had to think about my stupid feet at all today because they are NOT IN PAIN. Maybe I'm just not meant to wear cute strappy sandals. At least not to walk a couple of miles in.

In non shoe related news, we went to meet our old landlord for lunch at the Falafel Drive-in (tasty, tasty falafels) on Sunday and ended up talking to this nice couple sitting at the table next to us about their biodiesel Volkswagen. It turned out I went to junior high school with the husband (roughly 20 years ago). My world just keeps getting smaller and smaller, but I'm totally okay with that. Especially when it means I'll run into nice people at the Falafel Drive-In.



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