Like Pinocchio, Sort of.
July 26, 2007


You may have noticed that in the past few months I've mentioned "going to work" or "co-workers". What I didn't mention was that all this working business was being done as a contractor. Not that there's anything wrong with contracting. I'd much rather have that option than no work at all. But as someone who had never contracted before, it made me a little nervous.

After this past Friday, however, I was nervous no longer. The company presented me with an offer to become an employee. Monday was my first day of work as a non-contractor. I'm now officially an employee! I have a real job! You know, as opposed to the fake one I've had for the past few months. Hee.

So, yeah. No more time card, no more keeping track of my hours, and no more losing half a day of pay to go to a doctor's appointment (she's over half an hour away, but I like her too much to switch). Needles to say, I'm pretty stoked. I really like this company and I'm thrilled to be working with such a lovely group of people. In fact, I've been so happy working here as a contractor that I didn't hesitate for one second to sign that offer letter.

Of course, the free donuts every Monday morning kind of helped, too.



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