Pot Head
November 06, 2007

Pink Dahlia with Droplets

A few nights ago, Regan and I were discussing cast iron enamel pots (we took a break from sending each other links to shoes we want to buy) and the merits of the different sizes. Would the 7 quart pot be too big? The 5 quart pot too small? It occurred to me that I wasn't exactly sure what size my beloved blue Le Crueset pot is. There's a number on the lid, but 24 didn't have any meaning to me. Twenty four cups? Ounces? Liters?

I turned to Google, natch. And wouldn't you know, I found an article on the Chow website with the exact question I was asking! The mysterious number 24 is the diameter of the inside of the pan in centimeters (Totally! Obvious! NOT.) Twenty four cm is roughly 9 and a half inches which means my pot will hold about 4 and a half quarts.

Woohoo! Mystery solved. Which means now I know that the 7 quart Martha Stewart cast iron pot would be a much better choice than the 5 quart. Not that I had my eye on one or anything...



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