Because Sewing Would Have Been Too "Girly"
November 08, 2007

Regan made delicious cupcakes.

I often come home from work or shoe shopping to find that they boyfriend has had an adventure in the kitchen. Cabinets and drawers are haphazardly left open, the sink is full to the brim with pots and pans, and there's leftovers sitting in the fridge.

On this one particular day, I came home to a similar scenario. Except something was different. My large pasta pot was drying in the dish rack, as was our largest colander. There was also a stack of empty ice trays sitting next to the sink. However, the fridge was lacking leftovers.

While I was standing there trying to figure out what he could have possibly made, the boyfriend entered the kitchen. I wanted a quick answer to this little mystery, so before he could say anything, I flat out asked "What did you cook?"

He starts pointing towards the floor, at the bottom edge of his jeans.
Him: "Remember these jeans? How they were too big for me? Look! The hem isn't touching the floor anymore!"
Me: "Um, Okay..."
Him: "I boiled my jeans!"

That's right my friends. My boyfriend fired up the stove, filled our largest pasta pot full of water, and then cooked his pants so they would fit better. I guess he used the ice cubes to halt the cooking process? So they wouldn't end up too short? I decided I probably shouldn't ask any more questions, and started refilling the ice trays.

Then I made him take me out to dinner so he could show off his better fitting jeans. This also prevented me from thinking too much about blue jeans boiling in my pasta pot. I may never cook a large quantity of pasta ever again.



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