November 21, 2007


Last Friday I ordered hubcaps for my car. I had been missing three of them for over a year and had started affectionately referring to my car as the "ghetto beetle". I finally decided I needed to do something about it.

I had received a shipping notification e-mail, and when I finally tracked the package on Monday, I was thrilled to see that my new hubcaps would be arriving on Tuesday! Yay! I was telling everyone, "I'm getting new hubcaps tomorrow!"

But when I arrived home yesterday, there was a definite lack of a hubcap sized box waiting for me. I decided to track it again, and was surprised to find that FedEx said it had been delivered at 1pm. Yet, I had no package. I called the boyfriend, who had been home almost all day, and he hadn't heard anyone knock or seen any FedEx guys. My hubcaps were missing. Or someone had stolen a box with "" printed all over it thinking they had SCORED (and would have been sorely disappointed to find a set of cheap Volkswagen hubcaps). So I call FedEx and put a trace on the package, and wondered how something like this could happen again.

As I was arriving home today, I noticed there was a FedEx Home delivery truck parked outside my building. Could it be? They still had my hubcaps and were trying to re-deliver them? I stopped my car in the middle of the driveway and ran up to the building to see the FedEx guy standing at the door of one of my upstairs neighbors. And that's when I notice that there's a number missing from the door of apartment #22. It now looks like apartment #2 (which would be my apartment number). Except, you know, it's upstairs. Between apartments #21 and #23.

So I talk to the guy and explain that it's my package, and apartment #2 is downstairs, and he's all "my bad", and I was all, "Learn how to count, blockhead!"

Okay, so maybe I was just THINKING that. He was actually pretty nice about it, and handed the package over (without needing to see my ID or anything) after I signed a piece of paper for him. So now I have my hubcaps! No more "ghetto beetle"! Cross your fingers that these hubcaps will actually stay on...



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