Easy as Pie
November 23, 2007


The pie? It was just as good as it looked. Everyone loved it. Yay for pie!

Let's start with the "vodka" pie crust. First off, you can make it in the food processor. Second, the description in the recipe mentioned the dough being the consistency of play-doh, which wasn't far off. This was, by far, the easiest pie crust I have ever dealt with. It didn't crack or crumble, and with enough flour, it didn't stick to my work surface. In fact, it was so easy to roll out that I almost made it TOO THIN. It baked up light, flaky, and delicious. It was a perfect match for the sweet/tart filling of apples and cranberries. The other great thing about this recipe is timing. I made the pie dough the day before, and I could have made the fillings a couple of days before, and then put it all together when I was ready.

I think my step-dad told me at least twice that he loved the pie. My Mum also had great things to say about it. I'll DEFINITELY be making it again.



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