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February 21, 2008


People, I am fully drunk on the Apple Kool-Aid. Despite using a mac all day at work, I still can't wait to get home and use my iMac. There has been, however, one problem. I've been lacking an essential set of software. Let me give you the time-line:

February 6th:
Call Adobe and find out they will switch the platform of my extremely expensive but beloved Creative Suite.

February 7th: Mail in paperwork they asked me to fill out.

February 11th: Order the iMac.

February 12th:
Receive e-mail from Adobe, they haven't received my paperwork. I rush home, retrieve a copy of the paperwork, and e-mail and fax copies over. They respond with a, "Thanks, your order will now be reviewed, and if approved, you software will be shipped out." Commence me freaking out a little, because "IF approved"? What if my paperwork isn't approved? What if they won't switch my software? GAH!

February 15th:
The iMac arrives! I am so smitten, that I forget about the software. Spend the weekend ooh-ing and ah-ing over my new computer.

February 18th: Start to wonder about the software again. Start to wonder if maybe my order wasn't approved. Dread the fact that I might have to use the PC again.

February 19th:
Decide there is no reason they wouldn't approve the switch. Think software has got to arrive today. It does not.

February 20th: Go home for lunch. On my way back to the office, see Fed Ex truck heading in direction of my apartment. Follow FedEx truck to see if it has my software. It does not.

February 21st: FINALLY call Adobe and ask where the hell my freaking software is (not using those words, exactly). They give me a tracking number. Track package and find out it will be delivered today. DO A HAPPY DANCE!

This may not seem like a big deal, but I use Adobe's creative suite every day, even at home. Not having it on the iMac makes me feel like I've lost an appendage. I have a couple of freelance projects that I'm just sitting on, because I don't have the software to work on them, and I haven't been able to properly edit photos, which means I've been hesitant to even take photos. I'd already spent the past few nights sitting at the computer, idly playing Tetris, and it wouldn't be long before I CRACKED (also, I couldn't beat my high score from the first night I played).

So as you can imagine, I'm THRILLED that my software is finally here. Even if it did take over 2 weeks. It was worth it to not have to buy an entire new package. Also, glad I'll no longer feel the need to follow Fed Ex trucks around on my lunch hour.



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