I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty
March 24, 2008

Pretty in Pink

Some of you might recall that I mentioned attending a tribal belly dance class last year. I know I haven't really talked about it that much since then, but I've been continuing to go to that class. In fact, I go to the beginning and intermediate class now (despite how that sounds, I'm really not that good at it).

Earlier this year, the instructor announced that there was going to be a student show. I instantly decided I didn't need to be in the show. I really enjoy going to class, and felt no need to perform in front of other people. But after about a month of thinking about it, I decided the student show might be kinda fun. I like all the girls in the class, and I really do like to dance (despite my inadequacies). I was starting to think that if I ended up on the sidelines watching, I'd feel like I was missing out a little bit.

So I asked the instructor if it was too late to sign up, telling her I only wanted to be in the chorus (meaning I'd be in the background during the whole thing). Turned out, the instructor already had my name down for the chorus.

But now, I need your help. There's costuming involved in tribal belly dance. Some of this costuming requires make-up. Long time readers know I don't wear make-up, but I'm willing to put on some eye shadow and eye liner for the performance. This means I've got to actually BUY make-up! GASP!

I have extremely sensitive skin, which is part of the reason I've never worn make-up. But it's probably about time I had some for occasions like this. So this is where you come in. I need some brand name suggestions before I wander aimlessly into Sephora and end up having someone give me a make-over.

Specifically, this is what I need:

  • eye shadow (in earth tones - mostly browns)
  • mascara (waterproof would probably be good)
  • eye liner (also waterproof...do they make waterproof eye-liner? (See? Totally clue-less.) This is the one I'm most worried about, because we'll be drawing tribal-ish stuff on our faces and I've had reactions to that sort of thing before...though that was over 20 years ago when my mom was drawing whiskers on my face for various feline themed Halloween costumes.)
  • slight color for my cheeks (though I might be able to get away without this - my cheeks are usually red enough without help)

I know there has got to be some natural, hypo-allergenic, non-reactive to my skin make-up out there, I just have no idea what it is! So leave a comment, let me know what you like, or what your friend with uber sensitive skin uses. I wanted to be armed with information when I finally go buy this stuff!



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