April 04, 2008


By nature, I am one who lurks. Okay, that sounds kind of bad. I don't really lurk all secretive-like, but I would definitely classify myself as more of an observer than a doer. In my early geek days, I used to dial up to chat boards (on my 2400 baud modem, woo!), and I'd maybe talk with one or two people, but most of the time I would just sit there and read what everyone else had to say. I would lurk.

It occurred to me the other day that even 17 years later (yes, you read that right), I'm still lurking. I have a gianormous list of blogs that I read. And I try and keep up with them as best I can. I rarely, if ever, leave comments. I do the same thing on flickr. I favorite here and there, and I sometimes make a comment on a friend's photo, but in general, I don't say much. I'm not even sure why I'm so silent. I'm self conscious perhaps. I'm going to spell something wrong and look dumb, or nobody is going to get it if I try and be funny, or there's so many comments already I just don't bother.

And now I'm starting to think that maybe I just need to get over it already and say something. That seems to be how this whole internet community thing works now. You comment on someone's blog, they comment on yours, and boom you've started a little friendship. I don't mean to be all "Boo-hoo! I don't have any bloggy friends", because that's not true. I've made some fabulous friends through this site, and I love them all. But after 7+ years, I feel like maybe I should know more people? Or at least have some sort of relationship with more?

Let me give you a bad analogy: It's like I'm working at this big company with tons of employees and I've worked here for years and I recognize a lot of people and maybe some people recognize me, but we don't really know each other, because we never say anything to each other. Yet, we pass each other in the hallway every day.

(See, I told you it was bad.)

I dunno. I guess lately I just feel like I'm doing this wrong, and I'd kind of like to start doing it right and see what happens. So I guess that means I just need to suck it up and start leaving comments, regardless of how many comments there were before, and regardless of what anyone else will think.

So, Hi. I'm the weird self-conscious girl that's going to attempt to leave more comments in the blogosphere.

But I think I'm going to go hide in that corner over there first.



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