My Faire Lady
May 04, 2008

Man Sculpture

This morning, looking rather incognito (hat and sunglasses), I hopped on a train and headed to the Maker Faire.

- Photos I took at the Faire: on flickr
- Things I ate at the Faire: corn dog, garlic fries, funnel cake, a small Scharffenberger semi-sweet chocolate bar
- Things I wanted to eat, but did not: chicken teriyaki on a stick, soft serve ice cream cone
- Hours it took before my stomach stopped feeling sick: about four

I think part of the stomach malaise had to do with dehydration, but I'm feeling much better now after having a bowl of chicken pho for dinner. If I go again next year, I think I'll have to focus less on the food and more on the faire.

(Only 12 decent photos after 4 hours? Pretty pathetic if I do say so myself.)



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