Let the Sunshine In
August 19, 2008


My friends, I have been in a bit of a slump lately. A writing slump. A photography slump. An opening the mail slump.

Just call me "slumpy".

But yesterday, on a Monday of all days, I took my camera out to a field and took photo after photo of sunflowers. I was with two lovely ladies whom I know through flickr, and we dorked out with our cameras. We wandered through the sunflowers while discussing what setting we were shooting with, which lenses we liked best, how much post processing we did on our photos, and squealing over the excellent light illuminating all the flowers. It was utterly and completely awesome. (Especially because I tried to take some photos in the exact same field last year, but by the time I managed to go back with my camera, they had all been plowed down.)

It was exactly what I needed to help me out of my slump. Which I need to remember for next time (because there almost always is a next time) - just go out and shoot! Whether it's by myself or in the company of some fabulous friends.

But for now, I've got 600 sunny photos to sift through which I think will keep me slump-free for at least a little while.



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