I Haven't Stopped Shaving My Legs
September 24, 2008

Bellingham Sunset (1 of 2)

Things I have been doing lately:

- Trying to eat healthier. I try to do this more often than not, but I'm working against a vicious Cheetos addiction and a workplace where free treats are plentiful. For some reason though, it's been easier to make healthier choices lately. Remind me to share my green smoothie recipe with you.

- Wearing dresses over jeans. I'm finding it super comfortable and it's like I'm wearing a dress, but not! I may look back on this time later and wonder what the hell I was thinking fashion-wise, but right now, I DON'T CARE.

- Eating Sea Vegetable Chips (A healthy snack!) and drinking Kombucha (Naturally carbonated! My favorite so far is the "Guava Goddess").

- Wondering when I became such a hippie.



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