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February 14, 2009

I Heart Bokeh

Last year, Valentine's day was okay. No plans had been made, and I'm not really huge on the whole idea of the day anyway, but it's like there's this pressure to do something if you're in a relationship. We had made no plans, yet we managed to find a place where we didn't have to wait 2 hours for a table and we had a nice time. This year, I tried to help the boyfriend plan ahead.

A few weeks ago, I started reminding him that we should make dinner reservations somewhere. We defaulted to our "nice dinner out" restaurant (The Left Bank) and I was happy we had actually planned in advance. Yay us! About a week ago, it was suggested we should go get breakfast in Santa Cruz on Saturday morning and maybe spend the day there before we went to dinner. I liked this idea, and we ran with it.

We woke up unbelievably early this morning and while we were getting ready, I discovered that our dinner reservations were actually at La Fondue (a local fancy-ish restaurant) and not the Left Bank! Actual planning in advanced had happened without my knowledge! On that happy note, we headed over to Santa Cruz and had a nice breakfast, went to Neary Lagoon, walked around downtown, and then it was suggested we go to the beach, but not the beach near the boardwalk, the beach in Aptos. Another great idea! I like the beach in Aptos better anyways.

So we head towards the beach, and as we're nearing our old junior college, the boyfriend says he wants to check out the farmer's market there. Okay. I don't mind a small detour. So we enter the parking garage and start driving up and up and finally park at the top. I get out of the car and start walking towards the vendor tents when he says, "Wait a minute, hold your horses..." And then, right there in the parking lot of Cabrillo College where almost 15 years ago he gave me his phone number, he asked me to marry him.

After I got over the shock (because, um, TOTALLY NOT EXPECTING THAT), I said yes.

Apparently much more planning went into today than I had ever imagined (I was so impressed!) and now we have a really good excuse to celebrate February 14th (besides Hallmark telling us to do so). I think this may go down in the books as my best Valentine's day ever.



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