Because Y'all are Awesome and It's For a Good Cause
February 22, 2009

Birthday Boy

I know that on occasion I've asked for your opinions and advice, and you guys are always awesome. So I'm coming to you again to ask for help, but this time it's for the boyfriend/fiancee and it requires a bit more than your advice. However I'm totally prepared to compensate you for it (at least I hope you'll consider it compensation).

Earlier this year, the boyfiancee signed up for the AIDS/Lifecycle. It's a seven-day, 545-mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles in support of the San Francisco AIDS foundation. It's for a good cause and it's going to be a physical challenge for him. The only catch is that he needs to raise money. Three thousand dollars to be exact. You can probably guess where I'm going with this now...

So here's the deal. You donate $15, I will send you a signed 5x7" print of one of my photos. If you donate $30, I'll send three signed 5x7" prints (what a deal!). If you've ever thought about buying a print, this is the perfect excuse!

Most of the photos I've posted here can be found in this set on flickr.

Donations can be made at this link.

After you've made a donation, please e-mail me with a link to the print (or prints) you'd like and the address they should be sent to.

That's it! Easy, right? You'll be donating to a good cause and get original signed artwork in the process! We'd both really appreciate any amount you can spare to donate. Also, how can you say no to that face?



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