All the News That I Can Think to Type
May 18, 2009


The big news? The boy-fiance reached his fundraising goal for the AIDS Lifecycle! Thanks to everyone who donated! You guys couldn't be more awesome (also, now I don't have to keep reminding you about it). I think he's planning on setting up a website and taking photos with his phone along the way and uploading them to a map or something complicated like that. Once he gets that set up, I'll be sure to share the link.

The regular sized news? I registered for the BlogHer Food '09 conference that's happening later this year. It's only one day, it's in San Francisco, and it's about food! I think there's a lot of potential there. Even if I don't blog about food very often, I LOVE food, so that should count for something, right?

The inconsequential news? That last pair of glasses I ordered finally showed up! So now I have no excuses to not collect all the info I've got and tell you about ordering glasses form the internets. I've still got to take photos of all the specs and gather all the bits and pieces of info and then put it all together (this is sounding a little bit like my 5th grade "research" paper, except it's not about polar bears), so it might take a little while. But! I think the next post will have to be all about glasses! Fun!

The completely not related to anything above news? I got a hula hoop as an early birthday (it's on Wednesday!) present. I'm waiting for my desire to just go outside and hoop to outweigh my concern about what my neighbors might think when they see me hula hooping next to the pool. I give it another day or two...



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