It Seemed Like Such a Good Idea Before I Started Writing
September 14, 2009

Not Part of the Patio Set

It's a slow day and inspiration just struck for a blog post (I know! Sound the alarm!), and rather than sit here and write a post about anything I've previously mentioned writing about, I present to you:

Notes From My Phone!

I can hear your disappointment from all the way over here.
Shut up! This could totally be interesting!


Here's the deal...I've got a nifty little app on my phone that lets me keep little lists and notes (which I do a lot). Here's what's inside:

  • Music to look up (Self explanatory and possibly the longest list I keep - I'll spare you the details, though I just added a reminder to add Squeeze albums to my iTunes.)
  • Cyrus' Car (The model and year of his car because I replaced its windshield wiper blades before I drove it to Los Angeles - I could probably delete this one, but I feel like it could come in handy at some point.)
  • Sunglasses (Brand and model number of a pair of sunglasses I really liked but did not end up buying. Keeping around for next time.)
  • Beergaritas (I had my first beergarita at Burning Man, and liked it enough to write down the recipe: frozen lime juice, tequilla, 3 bottles of mexican beer.)
  • Gift Ideas (Duh.)
  • Antiperspirant/Deodorant (Because I'm still looking for a good non-chemical one.)
  • Books (Again, duh.)
  • Wine (DUH.)
  • Jewelry and Artwork (Lists of artists/jewelry I've come across that I like so I can look them up on the intarwebs when I remember that I put them on this list.)
  • Carrot Salad with Cashews (Lunch item we had a Tassajara - my approximation of the recipe. I have yet to actually make it.)
  • Nail Polish (I noticed a Butter London display at a shop in Bellingham and I wrote down the name because I hadn't come across it before. Now I keep seeing it everywhere. Including the Seattle airport on my way home from Bellingham.)
  • Camera Stuff (Supplies, etc. for my cameras - boring.)
  • Bike Stuff for Cyrus (He's been shopping around for panniers and a guy at REI mentioned a brand they didn't carry - guess who wrote it down.)
  • K1000 Battery (So I can buy a new battery for my old manual SLR camera because I thought I might start shooting film again. HA.)
  • Bookshelf next to desk-small (Dimensions of the bookshelf next to my desk because it desperately needs to be replaced with some sort of cabinet to contain all the crap I've shoved on it - what we really need is a larger apartment.)
  • Funky Glasses wholesale (There was this girl at this show in San Francisco with the best cat-eye glasses and in a rare moment of confidence, I asked here where she got them. And then I wrote it down and proceeded to order 15 pairs of glasses from the internet which probably ended up costing as much as this one pair of funky glasses would have been. But I didn't have to drive to San Francisco, so GO ME.)

Wasn't that fun!? Maybe I'll do it again in a couple of month when I've made more lists!

Or maybe not.



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