Disqusing Comments
November 01, 2009


Last week, after a lot of thought, I decided that I might try turning comments off for a while and see if that changes how I feel about posting here. I figured maybe I'd try for a week, see how it went, and then decide if I wanted to keep them off.

This is the thing though. I've been using Disqus for comment management for the past few months, and while I've been really happy with it, when I went to try and turn off the comments for my last post, I realized there wasn't a way for me to do that using Disqus (or if there was, I couldn't find it). THEN I realized that there was a newer version of Disqus for Movable Type, and I thought maybe the new version would have the capability for me to turn off comments for a post. So I downloaded that, installed it, and then everything went pear shaped.

All the Disqus hosted comments that were here? I think they're still saved somewhere, they're just not showing up on the site. And I don't know why. I've sent a couple of questions to Disqus, but haven't heard anything back. I googled and searched my little heart out to try and find some answers, and there was nothing. Which is just another sign that maybe I should turn comments off for a bit. If I do post something and you want to respond, my e-mail is on the about page. I'm always happy to get e-mail, even if I don't respond right away.



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