May 04, 2010


You guys, I bought another pair of glasses. I KNOW. Goggles4U sent me a coupon, so I thought I might as well LOOK, because it had been a while, and maybe they had some new stuff. Well OF COURSE they did and a pair of glasses ended up in my cart and now they're here and living on my face (except when I sleep). I'm actually not 100% sure about them. They weren't what I was expecting, but they're growing on me. I'll probably take photos at some point.

I also ordered a pair of shoes (BIG shocker there). I've been having shoe issues (like every pair I wear for any sort of lengthy walking starts to hurt). So I dug up a review of some shoes I remembered liking over on Barking Dog Shoes. I had read so many good reviews about the Alegria Paloma, I had to give them a try. They arrived today, and once they were on, I didn't want to take them off. And now I kind of want 5 more pairs in different colors. Though I'm going to hold off until I do some serious walking in them, but so far, I can't remember the last time I've been this excited about a pair of shoes.

Oh, and if they perform as well walking-wise as I think they might, I'm going to be asking everyone for a pair for my birthday (16 days away, and it's a semi-big one!). I don't expect everyone to actually buy me a pair, but I figure it doesn't hurt to let 'em know what you want. Right?



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