Crash and Burn
July 09, 2010


I find it hard to say no to people, because I like to help. Ride to the airport? Keeping an eye on your cats? Quick flyer or invitation? Pictures at a party you're having? I'm your gal! The thing is, I didn't feel like I was saying yes too much. Until yesterday, it all sort of came to a head. My life stress level had reached ORANGE, also known as HIGH or Fighting Back Tears About Nothing in Particular While Sitting at My Desk at Work.

Granted, some of what's got me on stress level orange IS work stuff, but a lot of it is just life stuff in general. I've been twitchy, snappy, and tired for the past couple of weeks and I finally realized that it has to be the stress. I can usually handle this stuff pretty well, but I kept adding things to the pile not thinking it was going to make that much impact, but sometimes that last thing is what makes the pile fall over. Yesterday, my pile pretty much fell over.

But I'm doing much better now.

In the midst of my proverbial pile falling over, I realized that the freelance project I've been working on was pretty much done. And those wedding photos I needed to finish processing? I could probably get them done that night. And that other request sitting in my inbox to take more photos? I decided to ignore it for a few days! Because I can! And I'm going on vacation next week! Life stress level had been downgraded to Blue, a.k.a. GUARDED.

So, I'm still a little stressed, but not enough to make me start weeping at work, and that's a good thing. I think the vacation (a whole week!) will help too. At least once I'm over the packing and the "Oh Jeebus, Which Shoes Do I Pack?!" stress.



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