Birthdays and Bikes
August 30, 2010

C & S

This past Saturday we celebrated the twin's birthday. We had discussed all sorts of options to celebrate, and ultimately went with just hanging out for the day with a couple of friends. Oh, and eating a pie.

We also went on a bike ride in the morning. We've been going on a lot of rides lately because I bought a new bike last month! It's a true hybrid...sort of a cross between a mountain bike and a road bike (my old bike was more of a mountain bike/cruiser cross). It's also about 10lbs lighter than my old bike, and it's a dream to ride. The only issue I've really been having is some soreness from the smaller, less cushy seat. And then, by sheer coincidence, the writer of a blog I recently started following went on multiple day ride and listed everything she had brought clothes-wise. Among those items was a pair of Canari Gel Liners. I usually wear a pair of heavily padded spandex bike shorts under another pair of shorts or pants when I ride, and they do help a little, but we were going on a longer ride Saturday morning, and I wanted all the help I could get seat-wise.

I picked up a pair of the liners Friday night and was eager to give them a try the next morning. About 10 minutes into the ride, I could already tell they were a good purchase. We ended up biking 20 miles (there was a stop for a birthday brunch in between), and I know that if I had worn my old bike shorts, I would have been in so much more pain (there was still a little soreness, but I'm hoping I'll get used to it the more I ride). The Canari gel liner worked great, and they're actually meant to wear under other things, so they're more comfortable and breathable than the spandex I had been wearing. Perfect!

Oh, and that pie up there? I'm referring to it as "The Pie" now, because it's got a reputation and it's being requested frequently for birthdays. The Pie even has it's own set on flickr now.



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