Next Time I'm Paying Someone to Move For Me
October 13, 2010

New Growth

So we moved. In a week. And I caught a cold in the middle of it. I'm not going to lie, it was a tough seven days and I'm SO glad it's over.

Let's break this down, shall we?

  • Bags of stuff I took to the Goodwill: 8
  • Number of times I accidentally made the guys at Goodwill think I spoke Spanish: one
  • Number of times we've accidentally locked the cat in a closet: 2
  • Number of times the cat has been spooked by his own reflection in the mirrored closet doors: 2
  • Number of times I broke down in tears: one
  • Trips to IKEA: two (and there will be one more to return a couple of things)
  • Number of times I had to take large doses of Advil for my aching feet: 2
  • Number of time I swore I'd never move again: HUNDREDS

And, in the middle of the chaos of moving, I attended BlogHer Food for part of Saturday. Mostly so I could hang out with Tracy and Joy. However, the two panels that I attended were really good, which made it extra worth the trek to the City. I also got to meet Molly which was kind of awesome because I've been reading her blog forever (and she knew who I was - SO was not expecting that). I only wish I had been able to stay for the closing keynote and the after-party. Next year for sure!

Thankfully this week has been much quieter. Now I can focus on putting things away and hanging things on the walls! Photos to come...eventually...



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