New Favorite: Ring Edition
November 04, 2010

New favorite ring

Eons ago, I remember seeing people link to Small Things jewelry around the web. After oohing and ahhing over the site, I eventually caved and ordered a ring (one of the bird designs with a blue background). I'm sure I wore it a few times, but then it got lost amongst the rest of my jewelry.

A couple of months ago, I happened to find that ring again and after wearing it a couple of times (it matches one of the colors in my favorite dress almost exactly!), I decided that I might need another one. So I went to the interwebs to see if she was still around, and of course she was! With even more designs! But I'm pretty partial to her "originals" line, and while I was browsing, I came across the art deco poppy design and I just couldn't NOT order it. I have a thing for poppies because they're the California state flower and I'm a native Californian. I can't help but like them. So I went with the poppy on a black background and ended up with the ring you see pictured above.

I LOVE this ring, and the fact that I ordered black means I wear it all the time. Don't worry, that little bird ring still gets some love, but the poppy has become my go to ring for my right hand. I even put another one on my wishlist, but this time with the star design. Though I kind of like the bee design's so hard to choose! I might end up with one of each eventually...



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