The Sunday Creeps
November 14, 2010


The awesome of the past week (my mum visiting = four days of going out to lunch and some shopping) and the awesome from the weekend (tiki party in honor of the dude in the photo above, nacho party with some fabulous ladies, and a birthday party) is making it extra hard to even THINK about going back to work tomorrow.

I call this an extreme case of the Sunday Creeps. I usually get them on Sunday nights, but not this bad. In all my years of getting the creeps, I haven't really found a cure for them. My current way of dealing with them is to stay up as late as humanly possible so I don't lie in bed thinking about the fact that tomorrow is Monday. Of course, the lack of sleep from staying up so late usually means I'm pretty cranky the next day, which doesn't help things.

Does anybody else get the Sunday Creeps? How do you deal with them?



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