I Promise I'll Stop Talking About the Kitten Soon
November 29, 2010


The kitten was left alone for 8 hours today, and the guest room didn't get destroyed! Yay! Tomorrow little Monk goes to the vet and maybe this weekend the cats will have some face to face time. The kitten figured out how to get his paw under one corner of the door, and Miles attacked the paw...so it's kind of like they're playing through the door. I may cave and just let them at each other sooner though. This whole keeping a kitten locked in a room thing is getting old fast...

Non-kitten related thing:
I am looking for long sleeve scoop neck shirts. Just plain basics - no pretty graphics or anything. I would like to find some that are not from the Gap, Old Navy, or American Apparel but still decently priced (and even those places don't seem to have them - it's mostly crew necks). Anybody have suggestions?? Am I asking for something that doesn't exist? Eons ago I remember there being an online shop where you could order shirts of different sleeve lengths and colors and I can't for the life of me remember what it was. The one thing I do remember is that you could order knuckle-length sleeves. (I know...super helpful.) Any links would be much appreciated!



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