Thirty Days
May 10, 2011


I should have taken a photo of my right hand before I decided to go gluten-free. For some reason, that's the hand that my eczema decided it was going to permanently reside on. That's the hand that for months looked kind of mangled and scratched up - due to me scratching it constantly.

It's been 30 days, and to my knowledge, I haven't had any wheat gluten. Okay, so there was that ONE time where I ate 2 pieces of macaroni because it was hawiian style macaroni salad and I couldn't resist (though I think I may have had a reaction to it, but I'm not totally sure - need to experiment more with that later). And there were a couple of times that I suspected it may have been in a sauce or dressing without my knowledge (but I didn't seem to notice any reaction) but for the most part, no gluten! And that right hand? It is SO CLOSE to looking normal. It now looks like I've got a couple of dry patches, and that's it. THAT'S IT.

I'm finding that the hardest part in all of this is going out to eat. However, even that hasn't been too bad. So many restaurant are gluten sensitive or even offer gluten-free menus, it hasn't been that limiting. In fact, since I'm not eating any of the bread that's usually brought to the table at practically every restaurant I go to, I'm still hungry when my food arrives! I suppose I'm lucky that I'm trying this now and not five or 10 years earlier. I think it would have been a lot more difficult then.

So, this seems to be working for me, and I'm so happy with the results from the first 30 days, I'm gonna go another 30 and see what happens. I think I want to try more gluten-free baking too. So far I've only made the one muffin recipe, but with the wide range of gluten-free flours available, I feel like I've got to try adapting some of my favorite recipes. Though, I do have a package of gluten-free cornbread mix just waiting to be made, so that may come first...



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