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September 13, 2011

New Dress

Okay, this post is LONG overdue. So overdue that if it were a library book I'd probably owe hundreds! Okay, maybe not that bad. But pretty close.

Almost a year ago, around Thanksgiving, I mentioned getting a dress from eShakti. It's the best fitting dress I've ever purchased, not just because eShakti is awesome, but because they ask you for a few extra details with your order and it makes ALL the difference.

I think I've previously bemoaned the fact the I have a hard time finding dresses that fit me. If I buy them to fit my hips and arse, the boobage area is gigantic. I've done a lot of shoddy tailoring to make some of them fit, but most of the time they're close enough, so I just deal with it. Not ideal, but eh. Aside from making dresses myself or paying someone to tailor them, I didn't think I had other options.

And then I found eShakti. This is what happens with them: I find a dress I like, I choose the standard size I would normally buy to fit me, I provide the non-mandatory details (bra cup size), the mandatory details (height) and place my order. Then I wait. But not that long. They're actually pretty quick about it. Then! I receive a well made dress that fits me better than any dress I've ever owned before. It fits in the boob area because I gave them my bra cup size. It actually fall above the knee (just like the description said!) because I gave them my height. Amazing, right?

The dress I'm wearing in the photo above is from my latest order. Which is the fourth dress I've ordered from them and I'm completely in love with it. I would wear it every day if that didn't start to get weird after a while. I've got one more dress on the way and I'm pretty confident it's going to be just as awesome as the other ones I've ordered.

I should probably also mention that they don't just sell dresses, they have other stuff too. I'm mostly interested in the dresses because they're a major part of my wardrobe. Perhaps if they run out of cute dresses I'll order something else, but I don't foresee that happening any time soon.

In case you're wondering, I'm not getting any sort of perk from eShakti for writing this. It's all me, folks. However, they do have a referral program and if you do find something you like, feel free to use the code: Whitneybrandt36 for a discount. You get $20 off your first order and I think I get a coupon out of it too. Win-win, right?

The only drawback I've found with the site is that it can run a little slow and can sometimes me a little clunky to navigate, but once you figure it out, it's SO worth it. Trust me.



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