Apparently I Am Not an Elephant
November 12, 2011


I forgot to post something last night. But let's not focus on that. Instead, let's talk about spaghetti squash. I made some last night and then I took a bad photo of it with my phone:

spaghetti swish yum

Despite how this looks, it was so, so very good. And gluten-free! And I see a lot of spaghetti squash in my future.

I have to give a shout out to Alice in New Zealand. I'm not sure if she reads the blog, but she somehow found my amazon wish list and sent me something from it (she called it a "RAK" which I assume is a Random Act of Kindness), which was a complete and total surprise and yes Alice, it absolutely made my day! Thank you so very much!

I've spent most of today cleaning out my closet (which I may blog about later), and I'm exhausted. I think it's time to go park on the couch watch the DVD that Alice sent!



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